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Sensors, 3D cameras and lasers

Fizyr’s vision software product is sensor independent. We don’t sell cameras and will always give independent advice.


The client can configure the capabilities and limitations of any gripper in our software. We often support multi-suction grippers to apply the right (combination of) suction cups based on size, shape and material. We always love to share our experience in applying various grippers. More on Fizyr gripper technology.

Applicable data sets

For years Fizyr has invested in a data set of millions of uniquely labeled images in logistics. Partnering with Fizyr’s integrators we accelerate this to strengthen our #1 position.

World’s best algorithms for years

Fizyr’s global clients benefit from the further improvement of our algorithms by training images of actual situations. On a conveyor our algorithm provides over 100 grasp poses each second, this includes classification to handle objects differently. We also perform grading of quality and find unknown defects to prevent damaged boxes or bags being placed on a sorter.

Support & maintenance

We develop a standard software product and our partners can configure it, creating a comfortable long-term Win-Win situation. Within our licence agreement we provide guarantees on updates and upgrades, including support & maintenance, up to an Escrow agreement.

We guide you through an easy and robust 3-step process.

1. Data acquisition

A suitable 3D-camera is mounted to take images of the items in the actual picking environment.

2. Training of software

Complementing our existing data set, the new images are used to optimize the training of our neural network for the client’s specific application. The performance and reliability of the system software are also evaluated.

3. Production

A locally installed PC takes images as input between each cycle of the robot. The optimized algorithm instantly proposes the best possible 6DoF grasp poses, as well as additional relevant information about the type of object.

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