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Deep learning based vision software

As robotics integrator, we participated in the Amazon Picking Challenge and won both the picking and stowing challenge. This led to our pivot to become a machine vision company. We develop world’s best algorithms to pick unknown objects and license them to leading global system integrators in logistics.

Automated picking

Order picking of millions of SKU’s

The items may vary in material, shape, size and color, and includes boxes, clothing, bottles, jiffy bags, plastic bags, padded mailers, flasks, cylinders, apparel, etc. You can pick from a box, tote, tray, shelve, accumulation chute, cabinet, container, roll cage or fast-moving conveyor belt. Video of picking tightly packed reflective boxes

Singulation of parcels

Singulation of parcels in bulk on a roll cage, slider or conveyor to feed a sorter. Our algorithm classifies boxes, plastic bags, padded mailers, flyers, flats, and defines the best grasp strategy for >100 parcels per second. Parcel picking video

Automated picking


Robotic piece picking at an automated storage and retrieval system is often attractive also due to 24/7 availability.

Picking apparel

Clothing in transparent plastic bags can be singulated from a box and placed on a sorter. Apparel picking video

Automated picking
Automated picking

Towel picking and folding

Perfectly finding the corners of towels in bulk is extremely hard. Fizyr succesfully trained  a neural network to enable fully automating the folding of towels.

Depalletizing and truck unloading

Our algorithm performs segmentation, classification and provides the best grasp locations of variable boxes and bags in bulk instantly.

Automated picking

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