Fizyr’s competencies

Integration partner

As specialist in AI software for Vision Guided Robotics, Fizyr has partnerships with leading global integrators and shares valuable experiences to create the best picking solutions.


Sensors, 3D cameras and lasers

Fizyr’s vision software is sensor independent. We don’t sell cameras and will give independent advice.


The ideal end-of-arm effector copes with the variation of the expected objects. Our software is gripper independent and we can give advice on pinch or suction grippers, size, shape and material of suction cups, etc. More on Fizyr gripper technology.


Unique data sets

For years Fizyr has invested in a data set of millions of uniquely labeled images in logistics. Partnering with Fizyr’s integrators we accelerate this to strengthen our #1 position.


Fizyr’s global clients can benefit from the further improvement of our algorithms by training images of actual situations. On a conveyor our algorithm provides over 100 grasp poses each second, this includes classification to handle objects differently. We can also perform grading of quality and find unknown defects to prevent damaged boxes or bags being placed on a sorter.


Integration process

We’ve made integrating of our software fairly straightforward:

  1. A suitable 3D-camera is mounted to take extra images.
  2. These images are enriched complementing our existing data set to train a neural network optimized for that application.
  3. A locally installed PC analyses the images between each cycle of the robot.

Explained more on Process.

Support & maintenance

We develop and tailor our software for our partners and create a comfortable long-term Win-Win situation. Within our licence agreement we provide guarantees on updates and upgrades including support & maintenance.