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Replacing human labor by applying deep learning

While e-commerce is ever-increasing, over 55% of the cost in warehousing is still operators. People perform physically demanding work, are harder to get and to retain. Today singulation in e-commerce fulfillment centers still relies on humans due to variety in shape, material and stacking. Conventional robotics has failed to handle these variations.

Since winning the Amazon Picking Challenge in 2016, Fizyr vision software enables automating human tasks in logistics by applying Artificial Intelligence. With our world’s best trained algorithms, a robot can robustly pick unknown items and parcels from bulk. We help reducing the reliance on labor and still provide the desired flexibility.

You can handle an enormous number of SKUs, because the algorithm is trained to cope with variation like shape, size and color. This includes cartons, bottles, bags, flasks, apparel but also irregular, deformable and even transparent packaging.

You can pick from many environments like a bin, box, tote, roll cage or 1 m/s conveyor belt. Our machine vision software generates almost instantaneously proper 6 DoF grasp poses and is optimized for reliability and flexibility.

Fizyr develops vision software for multiple leading global system integrators in logistics, including fulfillment centers for online retail, warehousing, distribution centers and parcel sortation facilities. We like our clients to be hardware independent and enable them to choose off the shelf sensors, grippers and computers. Our advanced toolset enables our global clients to install, maintain and update the software at their clients for the years to come.

‘Goods to person’ systems

If item picking is done at a fixed pick station, robotic piece picking can become effective and achieve many picks per hour. When a ‘Goods to person’ system is transferred in to a ‘Goods to robot’ the cost-per-pick can be attractive also due to 24/7 availability. This also applies for automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) like shuttles, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Also, within a collaborative automated order picking process, a picking robot can replace order pickers and be integrated with the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Parcel handling and sorter induction

The variation in the express parcel industry is huge. Fizyr’s Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) can singulate unknown parcels from bulk like a roll cage and place them correctly on a sorter / conveyor belt.

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