#1 in vision software for order picking and parcel handling

Fizyr integrates advanced vision software into robot systems to handle objects varying in shape, size and colour.


Through our deep learning algorithm, robot systems learn to recognize unknown objects autonomously.


Equipping robots with Fizyr frees hands from repetitive tasks and greatly speeds up automated processes.

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Picking of unknown parcels using AI

Order picking by robots

Automated picking of unknown groceries using deep learning

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FIZYR – Deep learning for vision guided robotics

Fizyr’s roots lead to the Delft University of
Technology. In 2014 our core members started
working on a project called Delft Robotics, lead by
Professor Martijn Wisse. Their talent and dedication
resulted in winning the prestigious Amazon Picking
Challenge in 2016. In 2017 we rebranded and
pivoted our business. As Fizyr we find growth by
focusing fully on helping leading automators apply
autonomous robotics.

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