World’s best vision software for automated picking ing in harsh logistic environments and placing

in harsh logistic environments

Hardware agnostic & Multiple award-winning software

We develop state-of-the-art algorithms to pick unknown objects and license them to global system integrators.

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Industry proven, robust algorithm

Our picking applications

  • Item Picking
    Fulfillment in e-commerce, including order picking of transparent bags, groceries and apparel.

  • Parcel Handling
    Singulation of parcels in bulk on a roll cage, slider or conveyor.

  • Depalletizing
    Singulation of unknown boxes and bags.

  • Truck Unloading
    Singulation of unknown boxes and bags.

Standard product, flexible integration

We trained neural networks to provide the best 6 DoF grasp locations per object and relevant additional classifiers.

As industry leader of over 6 years, we have built a unique set of images representing item picking, parcel handling, depalletizing and truck unloading in real logistics environments.

Fizyr software is hardware agnostic, enabling the client to choose the best 2D/3D camera or line scan for each application. We have gained a lot of experience for various conditions and applications and we are happy to offer advice.

Our software is gripper independent and we have made it easy to integrate. We support multi-suction cup grippers, which will enable you to apply the best suction cup per type and material of item. We would love to give advice on pinch/suction grippers and suction cups. Make use of the Fizyr item gripper design.

Fizyr deep learning algorithms are globally applied in business critical applications, so we need to guarantee access of the source code to our partners. Via a smart and transparent escrow agreement we ensure continuity of the world’s best algorithms and tools. Fizyr maintains the highest software development standards and provides an easy to install and maintain product for order picking and parcel handling.

We believe in long-term partnerships

Fizyr will help you build, install, maintain and support robust picking cells for your global clients.

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Product owner strengthens the team

March 4th, 2019|

We’re very proud that Deric Stone will start as a Product Owner bringing 30 years of valuable experience as former machine vision and software engineer, strengthening our fast growing international team. As scale up, Fizyr

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