Want to Know Our Secret?


Whether we’re building custom best-of-breed solutions with our partners, like ROSI from AWL, or rolling out one of our certified Vision Packs to quickly tackle some of the most complex yet commonplace automation challenges like picking and placing, depalletizing or detection, Fizyr’s vision AI delivers unprecedented success rates. Some of our most mature applications reach success rates of 99.99%, limiting robotic mistakes to just one in every 10,000 picks.

Have you ever wondered how?

People just learning about Fizyr often think it all comes down to superior AI. After learning a bit more, Fizyr’s supervised machine learning emerges as a differentiator, but our latest white paper lifts the veil for the first time to reveal what sets our vision AI apart from any other: Cascade Learning Brings Near 100% Reliability to Robotic Vision AI.

Download a copy to learn more about what’s been holding back the automation of high-variance jobs in logistics, supply chain, food prep, laundry and more, and how Fizyr’s cascade learning answers the call. You’ll learn how cascade learning produces human-like image processing and the finer points of Fizyr’s three-step cascade learning process.

You’ll also learn more about five recent installations across Europe and North America that showcase the power of cascade learning, because at Fizyr, we’re all about execution and delivering top-notch performance in the real world. Nothing showcases the power of cascade learning like the solutions we develop with our partners and customers.

Tired of automation challenges and lackluster performance? Contact us today to discover how cascade learning and Fizyr’s vision AI can solve your automation challenges.

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