Fizyr Certified Vision Packs

Fizyr Certified Vision Packs

Fizyr Vision Packs are proven, certified integrations of our vision AI platform with cameras, robots and other cell components working together to provide best-in-class, cost-effective automation in logistics.

Fizyr Vision Packs:

  • Include Innovative Vision AI that utilizes machine learning for an optimized neural network
  • Are certified to work with leading robots, cameras, grippers and other cell components
  • Have been implemented in multiple proven use cases in industrial settings
  • Unparallelled reliability in high volume, mission critical applications
  • Include a full-suite implementation toolset
  • Are provided with full customer support, training and troubleshooting tools

Fizyr Developed Vision Packs to Make Logistics Automation Easier

Machine vision is becoming the central technology in logistics automation: Vision AI is critical to solving the most complex problems.

Supply chain operations in warehouse, distribution and other domains are experiencing major challenges. Integrated vision can:

  • Reliably automate complex workflows
  • Bring reliable automation to high-variability jobs, right out of the box
  • Offer flexible capacity and build resilience into existing processes
  • Provide the intelligence to automation solutions that can quickly offset worsening labor challenges
  • Deliver immediate value, and optimal optimized cost of ownership

Fizyr Vision Packs deliver competitive advantages for integrator solution development, including:

  • Ability to quickly launch and scale integrator projects and products
  • Decreasing the need for in-house vision experience for product development, project management, implementation, and support
  • Decreasing the expense and resource management required to develop camera and robotic integrations
  • Providing the expertise and the focus on new developments in AI and machine learning technology

Vision Packs are Developed with Our Integration Partners for Key Logistics Use Cases

With our Vision AI, Fizyr has been solving client challenges for the last decade. We’ve seen first hand the most common logistics and automation challenges and listened to clients detail their specific needs. With these in mind, Fizyr developed certified Vision Packs that quickly solve the most common challenges right out of the box but can be tailored to each client.

Fizyr Vision Packs, Vision AI for logistics automation, depalletization, item picking, singulation, detection

Integrators are looking to Fizyr’s Vision Packs to solve the complex problems with logistics automation

  • Faster, simpler implementation with training and tools to close experience gaps
  • 90%+ accurate out of the box – achieve up to 99.9% accuracy via ongoing machine learning
  • Integrated with best-in-class robots, cameras, grippers and other cell components
  • Agnostic approach ensures full interoperability with any component
  • Scalable to build capacity into existing operations
  • Highly configurable to solve client-specific challenges
  • Work with Fizyr experts in vision, logistics and automation support for to deliver optimal outcomes
  • Optimized cost of ownership and ROI provides significant value

What’s In The Box?

With Fizyr Vision Packs, you get:

  • A Fully-tested, validated solution
  • Fizyr Vision AI, with machine learning tools for continous improvement in detection, segmentation, grasp pose and more
  • A Fizyr-certified industrial PC, with installed Fizyr software and connectivity tools
  • Integrated Camera(s), optimized for your solution
  • Easy-to-use implementation toolset for integration, configuration and testing
  • Training and support from Fizyr team of experts, backed by hundreds of years of software, vision, automation and logistics experience