Our drive is to improve logistics for everyone involved. Our mission is to keep the world moving.

Building our relationship

Meeting each other

Investing time to analyze needs and goals. Determining potential next steps of collaboration.

In-depth understanding

Defining specific application requirements and constraints and adopting a holistic view.

Long-term partnership

Building the best solution together and guaranteeing transparent partnership through clear planning and proactive communication.

Deciding factors

We push boundaries

In 2014, a group of students led by professor Martijn Wisse founded Delft Robotics. Two years later, they won the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge. Decisive in their win was their deep-learning algorithms. Focusing on this strength, the company rebranded to Fizyr, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard for automated picking software.

We bootstrapped up

As logistics is moving towards full automation, Fizyr has emerged as a key player. From our start as a promising university project, we bootstrapped through product development to emerge as an industry-leader.


We built in cooperation

Our value is in our knowledge of neural networks and deep learning. Our path forward is through practical experience. We choose to focus on our specific discipline. Cooperating with complementing specialists allows us to implement differing hardware and solve unique challenges.


We move efficiently

Fizyr is a standardized product. Working for varying clients, we apply the same core algorithm to a manifold of tasks. This means we are ready to realize unique solutions quickly, building from broad experience. At the same time, we are continuously improving the software for all clients.


Moving forward together

We seek broad application of our software, simply by keeping it widely applicable. Today, Fizyr develops picking solutions partnering with more than twenty global leading logistics integrators.