Fizyr Partners with Leading Integrators to Develop Vision AI for Logistics Automation

All automation solutions are not equal

Solutions designed for eCommerce or warehouses differ from those designed for 3PL Fizyr adapts.

Fizyr works with certified integration partners

Fizyr connects supply chain end users industry-leading integrators certified in applying machine vision to solve automation use cases.

We partner with best-of-breed solution providers

Our partners are positioned to provide their customers with solutions that uniquely focus on their industry verticals.

Logistics Automation: Three Key Components

Fizyr Vision AI is integrated and tested with various robots, cameras, end effectors, and other automation cell components.  We work closely with partners on cell design, motion and safety, to optimize solutions for scalable implementations.

Robotic automation projects have three key components

  • Robot
  • Fizyr Vision Pack, which includes integrated:
    • Camera(s)
    • Fizyr Vision Software
    • Fizyr Vision Server
  • End-of-Arm Tooling (end effector or gripper)

...and our list of robotic and camera partners keeps growing

Tight integration with our vision software is a key to success in high complexity automation projects. Fizyr integrates with the ‘best in breed’ component partners.

Fizyr Vision Packs:

Certified with Partners for Logistics Use Cases

Fizyr works with our integration partners to implement and certify our Vision AI application in various logistics use cases, including:


/ Depal

Pick & Place


Trailer /



Eliminates errors by delivering unprecedented success rates that keep lines moving with scalable robotic cells that solve major parcel handling pain points.

Palletization / Depalletization

Handles inconsistencies in size, shape, weight and materials presented by items in mixed-SKU pallets with ease.

Pick & Place

Accurately detects items, identifies their characteristics for required gripping and prioritizes items for picking sequence


In static or high-motion situations, identifies and communicates package states, damage, errors or issues with warehouse resources.

Trailer / Container Unloading

Reliably picks loose goods regardless of what may have been packed haphazardly, or shifted in transport.


Identifies important parts of fabric or garments, towel corners for example, where robots can grasp items securely for precise placement into folding machines.

Partners Experience a Full Slate of Benefits working with Fizyr Technology and Our Experienced Team

Our Technology is Innovative & Built for Complex, High Volume Logistics Solutions

  • Innovation in AI & Machine Learning
  • Implementation & Support Tools
  • Responsiveness & Stability
  • Tight Integration with Robots, Cameras, Grippers
  • A focus on robust, scalable solutions

Experienced Professional Services & Support Team

What’s ‘in the box’ ? Our game-changing software is bundled with:

  • 200+ years of logistics automation experience
  • A professional services team that is invested in partner goals
  • A responsive and knowledgeable support team.

The Fizyr Partner Program

Fizyr enables our partners to focus on their industry verticals by providing:

  • Collaboration on Commercial Projects
  • Strong Industry Relationships
  • Lead & Business Development

The Fizyr Partner Network

Fizyr provides the vision toolsets to enable our integrator partners to provide ‘best-in-breed’ automation solutions, and we partner with key camera and robotic companies to optimize business opportunities and to enable unified, up-to-date and stable component integration.