Solving the world's logistics puzzle

Essential to logistics

The rapid growth of e-fulfilment and parcel handling puts a high demand on human labor. The key is speeding up picking and placing processes, while ensuring the wellbeing of warehouse workers. Moving forward, the need for robotic picking solutions will continue to grow.


A futureproof solution

Combining robotics with machine learning reduces dependence on employees for heavy labor and repetitive tasks. To ensure scalability and agility, the software used should work for most, if not all, robotic arms, cameras, GPUs and grippers on the market.

Ready to implement

Fizyr enables robots to act autonomously, handling varying objects within dynamic and harsh logistics environments. By focusing purely on software development and choosing to work with open standards, we empower integrators and end-users to choose their preferred hardware.

Partnering up

Operating from Delft, hotspot of science and technology, Fizyr partners with integrators to support leading and ambitious clients. Our past experience as robotics integrators gives us a 360-degree perspective. Drawing from this, our talented engineers develop effective implementations.

Core values

We take pride in how we treat each other. We embrace these values in all aspects of our work and expect our clients to hold us accountable for them.


We are dedicated to excellence and challenge each other to deliver high-quality results. Our expert engineers have a true passion for computer vision and robotic automation, and we are always eager to apply the newest technologies.

Team bond

We are a young, dynamic, international team with a strong bond. We empower one another to be the best version of ourselves and promote open dialogue. We are inclusive and always enjoy what each team member brings to the table.


Our team of experts has extensive experience in computer vision and software development, never settles for the norm and constantly tries to improve its overall performance. As front-runners we are proactive and very confident that our work can help our partners succeed.


We have created an environment where everyone’s voice can be heard. We appreciate new thoughts and ideas and celebrate all cultures. Our team operates with integrity in all aspects of its work. We run on collaboration and trust.


In Fizyr, we work hard and play hard. We promote a healthy work-life balance and incorporate many team activities in our everyday lives. From office lunch, to sports and trips, we have a strong connection between us even outside business hours.


Our focus is on long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency. We have many years of experience and we love being helpful by sharing our knowledge. We are an ally to our partners and dedicated to delivering the best results possible for them.


Founded as Delft Robotics, TU Delft spin-off


Robotics integrator using computer vision


Double winner of Amazon Picking and Stowing Challenge


Pivot to deep learning computer vision software-only & Re-branded to Fizyr. Successfully picked corners of towels to feed a folding machine


Strategic partnerships with a dozen global leading system integrators in logistics. Productized our software to hardware agnostic ‘plug-and-play’ module


Successfully grew revenue-based (bootstrapped)


First investment by Value Creation Capital for faster international growth


Partnering with more than 20 leading logistics integrators worldwide