ZIVID & Fizyr Solving Vision for Automation, Webinar 30 May 2024


Zivid’s unique 3D cameras combine with Fizyr’s vision software to solve some of today’s most complex automation challenges. Singulation will be on full display during a March 30th webinar hosted by Zivid and Fizyr:

Deploying a Reliable Singulation and Item Picking Solution with 3D Vision
May 30, 2024 at 8:00 am ET
Leaders from Fizyr and Zivid will unveil a cutting-edge solution that is ready for deployment, fast and reliable. Webinar highlights include common hurdles in singulation across different industries, a live demo of the new ready-to-deploy Singulation solution, real-world applications, a practical use case, expert insights and an interactive Q&A.

Pairing Zivid’s 3D cameras with Fizyr’s deep learning vision software provides unparalleled robustness for a wide range of singulation robotic cells that can handle a variety of challenging scenes and objects, including transparent plastic, polished cylinders or dark reflective parts. Fizyr identifies each item with segmentation, shape detection and material detection. Its algorithms prioritize the actions to be taken, utilizing cascade learning to analyze inputs, calculate optimal actions and direct the robot. After each pick, Zivid cameras provide a new 3D image that allows Fizyr to recalculate, account for any changes that occurred, and direct the robot’s next step, all in a fraction of a second.

This technology recently attracted crowds at AUTOMATE Chicago, where AWL’s ROSI was on display at Zivid’s booth, featuring Fizyr’s vision software and Zivid’s 3D cameras.

Proven solutions like these are the basis of Fizyr’s Certified Vision Packs which currently solve several of the most complex yet common automation challenges, including Singulation, Palletization/Depal, Detection and Trailer/Container Unloading.

We hope you can join us. Please register to attend or access the archive after the event.

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