Photoneo’s Fastest High-accuracy MotionCam-3D Camera Now Ready for Fizyr’s New Vision Packs

Fizyr certified Vision Packs solve complex automation at highest throughputs thanks to unique Photoneo 3D camera capable of scanning even moving objects

DELFT, NetherlandsMarch 28, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Fizyr, providing the smartest and fastest vision AI for robotic systems, welcomes Photoneo to its Partner Program. Photoneo MotionCam-3D Color cameras are integrated into several of Fizyr’s new certified Vision Packs, and integrators now have access to a variety of Vision Pack configurations to solve complex automation challenges.

Fizyr’s certified Vision Packs currently solve six of the most complex yet common automation challenges: Pick & Place, Singulation, Palletization/Depal, Detection, Trailer/Container Unloading and Laundry. Integrators can choose from several configurations to secure the best components, capabilities and costs to most effectively solve customer automation challenges. Through its Partner Program, Fizyr continues to develop new combinations and use cases for its Vision Packs.

“With several thousands of deployed systems worldwide, Photoneo cameras are a leading and trusted industry solution,” said Fizyr CEO Ken Fleming. “As a member of the Fizyr Partner Program, we work closely with Photoneo to provide solutions to complex automation challenges that work right out of the box for integrators using our certified Vision Packs. MotionCam-3D provides a great combination of accuracy and speed, making it super efficient for high-throughput applications.”

Pairing the MotionCam-3D lines of cameras with Fizyr’s deep learning vision AI provides unparalleled robustness for a wide range of pick and place robotic cells that can handle a variety of challenging scenes and objects. Fizyr identifies each item with segmentation, shape detection and material detection. Its algorithms prioritize the actions to be taken, utilizing cascade learning to analyze inputs, calculate optimal actions and direct the robot. After each pick, a new image allows Fizyr to recalculate, account for any changes that occurred, and direct the robot’s next step, all in a fraction of a second.

“At Photoneo, we provide robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand, and Fizyr is the perfect partner to help deliver on that promise,” said Tomas Michalik, Sales Director Sensors at Photoneo. “Photoneo’s best-in-class MotionCam-3D Color cameras allow customers to scan objects in motion in unequalled resolution and accuracy, which makes them a perfect choice for applications such as picking items from moving conveyor belts. Additionally, the camera’s ability to scan transparent objects is essential in a growing number of applications such as grocery order fulfillment, where huge volumes of mixed items need to be processed.”

“Great partners are the most critical component in our Vision Packs,” added Fleming. “Photoneo is one of those great partners that we trust can help integrators achieve faster, better results and optimal ROI.”

About Fizyr
Fizyr offers advanced vision AI for robots, providing the smartest, fastest and most effective brain available to maximize robotic capabilities. Compatible with all major robotics systems on the market, Fizyr enables robots to see, perceive, account for variances, learn and perform more successfully than any other robotic software, and Fizyr partners with top integrators to ensure their success. With demand growing for robotic automation, Fizyr is focused on enabling robotic and systems integrators with the best computer vision capabilities for logistics applications.

About Photoneo
Photoneo is a leading provider of robotic vision and intelligence. Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo developed the world’s highest-resolution and highest-accuracy 3D camera, thus unlocking the full potential of powerful, reliable, and fast machine learning, while reducing training and deployment time.

By bringing intelligent robots into the field, Photoneo helps companies mainly in the automotive, logistics, e-commerce, food, and medical industries to improve the performance and efficiency of their manufacturing, fulfillment, and assembly processes.

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