Fizyr to Unveil Vision AI Partner Program and Certified Vision Packs at MODEX 2024

New approach to automating complex tasks is driving Fizyr’s North American expansion

ATLANTA & DELFT, NETHERLANDS – (March 4, 2024) – Fizyr, providing the smartest and fastest vision AI for robotic systems, will unveil its new Partner Program and certified Vision Packs at the MODEX 2024 Supply Chain Expo in Atlanta, March 11-14 (Fizyr Booth C5388).

Rather than honing its vision AI for automation in an R&D laboratory setting like other vision providers, Fizyr has long worked with many of the industry’s best systems and robotics integrators to co-develop solutions that perform at high levels in real-world applications. The company’s new Partner Program, opens this collaborative opportunity to other integrators and components manufacturers, and Fizyr’s certified Vision Packs make rapid implementation and out-of-the-box performance more accessible than ever.

“Organizations have settled for lackluster performance or prohibitive costs when automating the most complex tasks in warehouses, fulfillment centers, and elsewhere for far too long,” said Fizyr CEO Ken Fleming. “Our vision AI outperforms any other robotic vision solution, and now our new Vision Packs enable make this performance more attainable than ever for integrators to hit the ground running, requiring less vision expertise to implement and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.” 

Certified Vision Packs, a pillar of Fizyr’s unique go-to-market strategy utilizing Fizyr’s industry-leading Vision AI, reduce the expertise, time and cost requirements of integrators to implement automated warehouse robotics solutions. Many recent installations across Europe and North America showcase the reliability and flexibility of Fizyr, setting new standards with greater than 99.9% success rates. Vision Packs instantly deliver greater than 90% accuracy right out of the box. 

Fizyr certified Vision Packs include Fizyr’s vision AI, preconfigured with components from a wide range of the industry’s top manufacturers. Rigorous testing ensures a wide range of benefits and reliability right out of the box. Each certified Vision Pack is validated, supported, scalable and guaranteed. Fizyr certified Vision Packs currently address five of the industry’s most complex and widespread automation challenges across a wide range of industries, organizations and environments: Pick & Place, Singulation, Palletization/Depal, Detection, and Trailer/Container Unloading. They incorporateinclude  components from leading manufacturers, including FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, ZIVID, IDS, Photoneo, Nexera, The Gripper Company, and many others.

Many top integrators, including AWL, DEROGROEP, Inther Group, AVT, Techn’ca and others already work with Fizyr. The company will officially launch its Partner Program at MODEX to introduce its vision AI and certified Vision Packs to more integrators and components manufacturers. 

“Fizyr’s new Partner Program solidifies our commitment to the success of our talented integrator partners,” added Fleming. “We’ve become a strategic piece of the go-to-market strategy of many of the world’s best integrators, with training, professional services, production support and operational tooling so they can deploy more scalable, reliable and easy-to-use automation at price points that work for their customers.” 


Supply chain professionals attending MODEX in Atlanta (March 11-14) can visit Fizyr at Booth C5388.


About Fizyr

Fizyr offers advanced vision AI for robots, providing the smartest, fastest and most effective brain available to maximize robotic capabilities. Compatible with all major robotics systems on the market, Fizyr enables robots to see, perceive, account for variances, learn and perform more successfully than any other robotic software, and Fizyr partners with top integrators to ensure their success. With demand growing for robotic automation, Fizyr is focused on enabling robotic and systems integrators with the best computer vision capabilities for logistics applications.

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