Fizyr’s take on scaling up faster and smarter at Masters of Scale café


Have you been wondering how to scale your business in a dynamic environment? Join the informal session on Thursday, 25th November with experienced entrepreneurs and experts at Master of Scale cafe. Fizyr’s CEO and mentor at YES!Delft, Herbert ten Have, will share his experiences on pivoting, fundraising, scaling and mentoring other entrepreneurs.


As a spin-off of Delft Technical University, Fizyr had quickly recognized the need for cutting-edge vision software in the logistics industry. Within a month of Herbert’s arrival, the company pivoted, shifting from robotics integrator to a highly-specialized computer-vision company.

Herbert is an innovative business leader with more than three decades of experience in building high-tech products and services, thus, gearing the brilliant Fizyr team towards success. Moreover, he proactively engaged the company in recognizing industry problems and solving them, while staying committed to providing state-of-the-art robotic picking solutions for the logistics industry.

This sparring will be a great opportunity for companies to learn and prepare for the next steps needed to scale up smarter and faster.

Date: Thursday 25 November

Time: 16.00 – 17:00 CET

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Masters of Scale International bring together a group of passionate (serial) entrepreneurs and experts in all aspects of scaling a company, who are prepared to have skin in the game with the companies they help to scale. They provide services and resources to support companies to scale faster and smarter.

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