Fizyr’s unique value proposition shared in The New Warehouse Podcast


We started off as a TU Delft spin-off in 2014, aiming to change the face of the logistics industry. Fast forward to 2022, we have grown into the leading computer vision software provider in the logistics industry. Our strength in designing and developing robust vision software was quickly realized after winning the prestigious Amazon Picking and Stowing Challenge 2016. Since then, our invincible spirit to support system integrators worldwide drives us to strive for the best.

We share our experience and expertise in computer vision software with Kevin Lawton in his latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast. In this episode, Herbert ten Have shares how we train our neural network to enable robots to identify and pick objects with high variations. He also focuses on a scale-up approach to tackling common challenges in the logistics industry whilst leading the software market.

Listen to the episode here


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