Making an impact at a leading AI scale-up – Internship experience


Aidan Warriner worked as Fizyr’s Sales and Marketing intern from September to January 2022. Before moving on to the next opportunity, he shares his experiences and thoughts on his internship experience in Fizyr.

The journey

My journey began in the fourth year of my International Business degree at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. As part of my studies, I had to complete a 20-week internship experience at a company of my choice. Prior to starting my internship, I was given a choice: to either join the #1 intralogistics software provider or go ahead with the largest agricultural specialist in spare parts and accessories in Europe. As you can already imagine my final decision, the answer is in the title.

I began working in early September as a Marketing and Sales intern. As you all know, Fizyr is a cutting-edge tech scale-up currently based in Delft, the Netherlands. The company primarily operates in logistics automation, specializing in designing robust software for automated picking and placing items in warehouses. It is fascinating that Fizyr, over many years, has been able to create a software product that gives life to the robot. Having won Amazon Picking and Stowing Challenge in 2016, you could say that they have essentially created the brain of the robot working in warehouses.

Learning about this market made me realize what a great opportunity it is to be part of this team. Due to this, I have gained confidence in my existing skillset and knowledge of Marketing and Sales in the logistics industry.

My experience

Since the very beginning of this internship, I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone in the company has been very attentive and communicative. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to visit the office during the ongoing pandemic. On my very first day, I met the whole team while spending the day in Dordrecht, enjoying various leisurely activities after work hours. These regular team-building exercises have created a unique, positive environment making it a very enjoyable workplace.

The onboarding process was smooth and efficient. Within the first week, I was already accustomed to the organization and the team dynamics. Due to the size of the commercial team, everyone has a very close-knit relationship. All my colleagues were more than happy to offer a helping hand or to answer any queries. Our direct contact with the CEO on an everyday basis had set expectations on the company goals and culture. My day-to-day activities were meaningful with clear expectations and defined standards. The time spent here was purposeful, and it was up to me to deliver to the best of my abilities.

My takeaways

The knowledge and experience I have gained from this internship have been immeasurable. I am very grateful for this opportunity, this 20 week-long journey has been very insightful and a learning opportunity. Having enjoyed being a part of an international team, I am glad to have known some of them despite the pandemic restrictions.

I wish Fizyr and the team the best, and I hope to see them achieve many milestones in the coming years!

What about you?

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