Fizyr-equipped robots see the world clearly. Our product is the ability to handle anything.

Fundamental principles

Complete product

Our product is everything your robots need to autonomously handle their tasks. Unmatched AI software, expansive data set. Dedicated experts to ensure it runs optimally and continuously.

Hardware agnostic

Which robots, camera’s, grippers? Our software fits robotic cell set-ups of any type and make. The ones you are currently operating. The ones you will build in the future.

Standardized core

Every Fizyr implementation runs on the same AI core. By keeping this foundation standardized, we ensure continuous development and quick scalability.

Versatile applications

Our engineers have built every implementation efficiently. They built a robust system for every specific need and unique requirement, by implementing and configuring the needed modules.

Technical aspects

Scene understanding

Fizyr’s ability to process images is unmatched. Our computer-vision software can segment overlapping items, detect transparent objects, and edges in poor lighting. It determines many details, like slip sheets and damages.

Grasping items

Based on experience (gathered data) and experimentation (deep learning and advanced heuristics development), Fizyr’s software will denote the best grasping tactic. The gripper’s capabilities are put to use optimally, taking into account the always changing scene.

Picking and placing

Fizyr’s AI proposes multiple grasp poses in less than 100 milliseconds. Our computer- vision software detects deformations, damages, wrinkles, and labels. It will adjust accordingly, tuning the picking and placing process on the go.

Gripper technology

Fizyr offers a smart gripper design that takes full advantage of the software’s capabilities. Using this gripper minimizes critical errors like mispicks, double picks. Fizyr’s smart gripper is suited for a wide variety of picking cells. License the design, adapt it to suit specific needs and produce it in house.

Deep learning

Using a supervised learning approach, Fizyr’s high quality algorithms will increasingly adapt to your unique situation, improving the system's performance in even the most complex scenarios.