Fizyr at IDS Vision Channel 2021 (Virtual)

Such an exciting moment for Fizyr to be part of the “Intelligent pick and place” session on IDS Vision Channel. This unique virtual platform hosts a multitude of experts speaking on a range of disciplines, from product management to artificial intelligence. The session on July 20th notably focused on robot-based automation of pick-and-place applications in logistics and warehousing. 

As part of the session, Fizyr’s CEO Herbert ten Have hosted a webinar sharing the journey of Fizyr’s software vision technology and its scope of contribution to the industry. Participants had an opportunity to learn how companies use AI-based image processing and resolve industry-based challenges on the go. 

The presentation also involved case studies on how Fizyr’s vision software solves some of the biggest challenges in the dynamic logistics industry. Herbert ten Have explained the extent to which the trained neural network enables robots to pick unknown items. Human pickers handle about 240 million parcels in a year. However, automating the picking process can ramp up the efficiency of the industry.

Standard vision software may not be able to distinguish between two envelopes and consider them as one, if not trained accurately. However, Fizyr’s vision software can differentiate between those two and pick them one by one, offering robust and optimal results. Thanks to deep-learning algorithms leading to classification, quality controls, and defects detection to prevent placing damaged items in a bin or a sorter. 

This state-of-the-art technology goes beyond item picking, offering automation solutions for depalletizing, truck unloading, and parcel handling in various sectors.

More about IDS Vision Channel  

The industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is best known for creating high-performance, easy-to-use USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of sensors and variants. IDS consistently adapts key future technologies from the consumer world and make them suitable for industrial use. The IDS Vision Channel aims to provide practical tips, exemplary applications, and technical insider knowledge, all accessible in the media library.


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