Fizyr awarded Start-up Innovation of the Year


During Post-Expo in Hamburg, 16 startups pitched before a jury of postal and logistics industry experts, presenting their solutions and technologies which should have an impact on the sector, maybe even be a game changer. The Startup Day featured products and services designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing the post and parcel industry, such as last-mile and first-mile logistics; direct marketing and advertising mail; and operational efficiency, including automation, autonomous solutions and AI.

Fizyr came out as the winner of this award, recognized by panel of judges as having “the flexibility and handling capabilities bringing robotics to a new level, allowing an integration into sorting processes for maximizing operational efficiency“.

Read the full article here.

The Startup Day and the PostalPitch Startup Competition, organized by the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) in partnership with PostalVision, was one of the main highlights of Post-Expo 2018.

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