Fizyr Shows Supply Chain Vision AI Suite at LogiMAT

From parcel induction to trailer unloading, robotics manufacturers and integrators have partnerd with Fizyr to automate many complex supply chain tasks.

At LogiMAT this week, Fizyr BV displayed its expanded suite of artificial intelligence systems for supply chain robotics. The Delft, Netherlands-based company said its vision AI technology enables its partners to automate many of the most complex tasks in logistics.

“Other vision AI providers stage successful demonstrations with ideal conditions but struggle in the real world,” stated Ken Fleming, CEO of Fizyr, in a press release.

“End users invest in what they think are best-of-breed solutions but often end up with errors occurring 4% to 6% of the time or more,” he added. “We enable our partners to solve clients’ supply chain automation challenges by augmenting their expert design and engineering with the best vision AI capabilities available, radically improving their ability to pick from bulk and practically eliminating errors in a wide range of scenarios.”

Fizyr claimed that its vision-based AI is compatible with all major robots on the market and that it enables them to perceive, account for variances, learn, and perform more successfully than any other robotic software.

Fizyr says it offers integrators freedom

Instead of producing its own picking cells, Fizyr said its vision AI offers systems integrators the freedom to choose the best components for the job. Integrators can choose the best robots, cameras, grippers, and other components for each end user’s unique needs, knowing that Fizyr’s hardware-agnostic brain is smarter, faster, and more effective, said the company.

Fizyr said it has partnered with systems integrators and robot manufacturers to deliver the reliable and productive automation for order picking, parcel induction, and loose-load trailer unloading. The company said its vision AI can also guide mixed-SKU depalletizing, including heavy bags, mixed boxes, and other high-variance situations, as well as a wide range of detection-only tasks.


Partners show vision AI at LogiMAT

Fizyr said its partners have recently unveiled a series of advanced cells for robotic picking. AWL has partnered with Fizyr and recently empowered DHL Parcel Benelux to pick and place parcels from randomly mixed pallets onto the conveyor belt of a sorting installation.

In addition, Inther Group plans to soon unveil its Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker (GRIPP), a fully automatic compact picking technology.

Yaskawa Motoman uses Fizyr and recently displayed parcel induction at ProMat in Chicago.

AVT and Fizyr partnered to create and deploy multiple depalletizing robots for two different end users that pick and place heavy bags from variable pallet stacks.

At LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany, Fizyr displayed its logistics technology at Hall 1 Galerie/Stand 1OG01. Two of the company‘s partners also had displays. AWL showcased its robotic singulator (ROSI) at Hall 6/Stand 6F33, and Inther Group presented GRIPP live to the general public for the first time at Hall 5/Stand B57.

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