Deep learning for vision guided robotics

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Fizyr will bring your automation to the next level. Our deep learning algorithm adds a layer of understanding, bringing autonomous decision making to processes that involve identifying, quality control, counting, picking and manipulating.


Fizyr integrates vision software into robot systems to handle objects varying in shape, size and colour.


Through our deep learning algorithm, robot systems learn to recognize unknown objects autonomously.


Equipping robots with Fizyr frees hands from repetitive tasks and greatly speeds up automated processes.

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We are on our way to make Fizyr an integral part of logistics, warehousing, and food handling. We partner with innovative leaders worldwide to apply our knowledge and experience.

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This is the squad that develops Fizyr, we are the people that make it fit your environment. Every application of Fizyr presents a puzzle. Working in multidisciplinary teams we solve all challenges. We push cognitive technology forward relentlessly!

Double winner of the
Amazon Picking Challenge

Under the name Delft Robotics (precursor of Fizyr) we ranked first in both the picking final and stowing final of the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge in 2016, establishing our solution at the forefront of cognitive technology.

We won the challenge in collaboration with Delft University of Technology.

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We are rapidly expanding and have seats for ingenious trainees and experts in artificial intelligence and machine vision.
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Deep learning for vision guided robotics

Fizyr's roots lead to the Delft University of Technology. In 2014 our core members started working on a project called Delft Robotics, lead by Professor Martijn Wisse. Their talent and dedication resulted in winning the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge in 2016. In 2017 we rebranded and pivoted our business. As Fizyr we find growth by focusing fully on helping leading automators apply autonomous robotics.

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