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World’s best vision software for automated picking and placing in harsh logistics environments.

We empower robotic automation

Fizyr designs, builds, installs, and maintains world-class algorithms to automate the handling of unknown objects varying in shape, size, color, material, and stacking. Our software is used by leading system integrators and end-users all over the world, in online retail, warehousing and parcel services.

A strategic partner

We give our clients the freedom to choose the best components for their system to help build robust
picking cells.

  • Smooth integration
  • Easy to calibrate system
  • Vendor independent
  • Integration advice
Our solution
  • Plug-and-play software

  • Agnostic to 2D/3D cameras, robots & grippers
  • Long-term global partnerships with leading system integrators

  • Well documented, clear support & maintenance

Dedicated to excellence


We trained neural networks to provide all relevant information including segmentation, classifiers of type of parcel, determining outliers or non-conveyables like damaged goods and best possible grasp poses in 6 DoF (including multiple ordered poses per object).

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Unique dataset

As industry leader of over 6 years, we have built a unique set of images representing item picking, parcel handling, depalletizing and truck unloading in real logistics environments.



More on Fizyr’s dataset


Fizyr software is hardware agnostic, enabling the client to choose the best 2D/3D camera or line scan for each application. We have gained a lot of experience for various conditions and applications and we are happy to offer advice.


More about sensors


Our software is gripper independent and we have made it easy to integrate. We support multi-suction cup grippers, which will enable you to apply the best suction cup per type and material of item. We would love to give advice on pinch /suction grippers and suction cups. Make use of the Fizyr item gripper design.

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Global Support

Whether you need advice or want to discuss a long-term partnership, Fizyr has the resources and the expertise you need to automate your picking applications seamlessly.

In any case, we hold ourselves to high standards and through a transparent escrow agreement we ensure continuity of Fizyr’s algorithms and tools, so you can focus on making an impact.

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Fizyr makes an impact with its core technology and shapes business markets with its applications. We believe in creating true value for our partners, so that they can create cutting-edge logistics solutions for their clients.

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