Turning Passion Into Reality: Mohamed’s Internship With Fizyr

Turning Passion Into Reality Mohameds Internship With Fizyr

Here at Fizyr, we are always excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of vision software in the field of automation. This is a mission we’ve embarked on with everyone within our company — from interns, to junior colleagues, to more seasoned team members. Today, we want to spotlight one of our recent interns who has supported us in this endeavor and successfully completed a project within our organization.

When he began his journey with us, Mohamed was a Mechatronics student with a passion for robotics and artificial intelligence. As he pursued his study of Mechatronics in Delft, he realized that the next logical step in his academic trajectory was taking up an internship with a company where he could focus on gaining hands-on insights into the topics which he’d become familiar with in a more theoretical setting. Having done some projects with Fizyr in the past, it made sense to continue his journey with our company given his refined interests in mind.

Validating the Results of Detection

mohamed fizyr internWhen Mohamed began his internship with Fizyr, his goal was to create a robotics set-up that would validate the results of detections from the Fizyr AI vision software.

It was to be done using RFID tags to give the product specifications, such as size, material, and shape,” elaborated Mohamed about the project he worked on.

But the software aspect of this project was not all that was within Mohamed’s planning. Going above and beyond, he worked relentlessly on the hardware aspects of it, experimenting with ways in which he could effectively mount the camera and reader in a way that would allow the robot to read the RFID tags on the packages.

Having experimented with different mounting configurations, he ultimately designed and built one that works how he needed it to, finalizing his project of creating a reliable way to validate the detected packages. Not only was this a major professional accomplishment for Mohamed, but it made a company-wide impact, as it helped to improve the accuracy of Fizyr’s product detections.

Looking Ahead

When asked about his advice to future interns, Mohamed was quick to respond:

“Check your planning and make sure you do everything on time, based on the timeline you’ve created for yourself.”

He elaborated to say that it’s easy to get caught up in the details of your work and strive towards perfection, but in doing so, it’s important to remember that your project comes with a limited time scope.

“Focus on creating a detailed report of the work you’re doing,” added Mohamed, “because that’s going to be the document you can always go back to reference later on when you’re making adjustments and improvements to your work. If you get too caught up in the intricacies early on, you’ll find yourself missing out on the bigger picture.”

Now that he has completed his internship for his Bachelor’s degree with Fizyr, Mohamed is en route to pursuing a Master’s degree in the fall. In the meantime, he is working as a Project Engineer.

“My work is not tied to one specific project, so there’s always something new and interesting for me to do,” eagerly noted Mohamed.
We are incredibly fortunate to have passionate team members like Mohamed working hard to take the future of vision software in automation to new heights!

Want to get in contact with Mohamed? Reach out to him via LinkedIn.

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