Parcel+Post Expo: Fizyr reveals latest developments in deep-learning technology for automated picking robots


Fizyr, the robotic parcel induction company, continues to provide exclusive insights into its latest machine-vision deep-learning technology at Parcel+Post Expo 2021.

It understands its environment, the dimensions of a parcel and can decide how to go and pick one up. This is the key missing factor in why this step in the sortation process hasn’t been automated so far. Every year, 20 billion parcels are coming to market. You cannot just scale up workforces this quickly in response. Rather than employing more people or increasing existing shifts from six to eight hours, for example, this increase in parcels can be dealt with by a robot.

~ Shubham Singh, Technical consultant at Fizyr

Exhibiting its product in conjunction with EuroSort’s Split Tray Sorter, Fizyr’s AI demonstrated how the company has been able to automate the last manual link in the picking sortation chain. The ability to detect and pick up a box that is slightly out of place has so far been a uniquely human skill. To keep up with the increase in parcels over the past year, sortation centers would have had to employ a much greater number of people to do these very simple tasks. However, Fizyr’s technology rises to the challenge.

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