TU Delft Campus: Fizyr vernieuwt logistieke sector met AI


It has become much easier to buy products remotely over the past few years. The growing popularity of online shopping has also led to a huge increase in the volume of parcels. Many of these parcels go through several people’s hands before being placed on the sorters. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain staff, and parcel handlers are now keen to automate the system. Fizyr has come up with an innovative solution for robotizing parcel processing.

TU Delft Campus engages with the CEO Herbert ten Have to explore the scope of vision software, training neural networks and using robots in the logistics sector.


White-on-white, black-on-black and transparent or reflective plastic are particularly tricky obstacles, which our software is able to overcome. Before a parcel is delivered to your home, it may have been through ten or twelve pairs of hands. So the main question is: do we want this task, which is often physically demanding, difficult and requires people to work unsuitable hours, to be performed by people or by robots

~ Herbert ten Have


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