Strategic choice of Vanderlande to work with Fizyr


Vanderlande signed a strategic partnership with Fizyr to develop artificial intelligence technology for their automated order picking, storage, unloading and palletizing robotic solutions.

“The use of robotics in the logistics industry is extremely complex due to the variety of goods being handled, for example in terms of the shape, size, color, and material. By applying deep-learning technology software, Fizyr can propose the best grasp poses for a robot, allowing it to cope with a high level of variation in items.”

~ Herbert ten Have, CEO of Fizyr

Vision software empowers robots to detect and pick unknown items and parcels. Picking cells based on deep-learning algorithms are trained to handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks in logistics, allowing for effective social distancing during operations and freeing up human resources for other tasks.

Applying Fizyr’s Deep-learning vision software is the strategic choice for more than a dozen system integrators across the world. Our team provides full insight and control to install, manage, update, and support the Fizyr software product. Our clients remain free to use open standards and choose their hardware to assemble the best possible picking cells.


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